HWA is one of Austria’s leading organizations for development cooperation and humanitarian aid.

Being part of Hilfswerk Austria we conduct our activities according to the principles of sustainable development and the universal Human Rights.

Through our projects and programs focusing on our sectorial expertise we aim at improving sustainably the life and perspectives of the beneficiaries in our project countries.

We finance our projects through national and international project funding for development cooperation and disaster relief as well as through private donations, sponsoring and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)-partnerships.


Our work follows Austrian and international objectives of development cooperation and humanitarian aid. We are involved in the battle against poverty and hunger. We provide emergency relief and reconstruction assistance following wars and natural disasters. We are committed to better health for humankind. create educational opportunities and support rural development. Particular attention is turned to help children in need and to provide assistance to people with special needs.

Our assistance is meant to have a sustainable and long-term impact. Sustainability means to equitably implement and ensure sociocultural, ecological and economic targets. In order to guarantee the long-term effectiveness of our aid programs, we thoroughly involve our local partner organizations in the conception, organization and realization of projects. Once our projects and programs are finalized the local population should be enabled to continue with their own initiative and to reach self-determination.

Economic development is a basic prerequisite for the lasting reduction of poverty and therefore an essential foundation for sustainable development. HWA wants to help strengthen economic development and develop modern economic structures in its partner countries. It is important to us to incorporate Austrian and European companies into our projects and to support the business initiatives of companies committed to social and ecological values through confidence-building measures. Furthermore, we support companies in the implementation of CSR initiatives and welcome their social responsibility as an important step toward a holistic sustainability concept.

Development cooperation and assistance to Eastern Europe are also a way to get to know Austria. We also want to familiarize Austrians with the living conditions in our partner countries and establish contacts between people in our partner countries and Austria. Through our activities we want to help boost the image of Austria and Europe in the rest of the world.



We respect the culture, history, structures, traditions and customs of the communities and countries where we are active. We provide help for all people regardless of their ethnicity, heritage, gender or their religion. The bases of our projects are the concerns and goals of local people. Thus, the planning and realization of our projects always takes place in conjunction with the beneficiaries and our partners.

Competent aid that gets there

We guarantee high standards of professionalism with the measures we carry out, competent project management and efficient operation. We are committed to our beneficiaries as well as our sponsors. In order to ensure the optimal implementation of resources, our projects are subject to strict criteria and controls as well as national and international guidelines for development cooperation and humanitarian aid.

Motivated and responsible employees

Motivated employees are the key to Hilfswerk Austria International’s success. For this reason professionalism, continuous professional and personal training as well as social competence are encouraged at HWA.

Our employees possess a considerable degree of personal responsibility.


HWA has launched its activities in Tunisia to position as a leading non-profit organisation focusing on fighting unemployment through skills development, capacity building, inclusive business development as well as community development of vulnerable groups with special emphasis on women and youth.
A solid track-record has been developed since 2012 through a flagship program labeled “Skills to Succeed (STS)”, which is a community development program currently fully funded by OMV and implemented by Hilfswerk Austria International in Tataouine, one of the poorest governorates and marginalized areas in south of Tunisia.

The program started in October 2012 and is showcased through vocational training, economic development initiatives and civil society capacity building programs aiming to boost employability and income generation through targeted training and business/economic development platforms.


Our Team